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6.1 What known security bugs exist in which versions of ipfwadm?

There are no know problems with ipfwadm that are a direct result of the program. However the construction of the rules are very important or you can quite easily have a security problem occur.

6.2 How widespread is use of ipfwadm?

No idea but it would be a large number as it is included in the redhat distribution as well as available for all Linux flavours as well as FreeBSD. It provides with knowledge a GNU GPL solution more valuable and flexible due to underlying os than several commercial firewall solutions costing thousands of dollars. This is much to the credit to the author of ipfwadm as well as the Linux development process itself. When combined with fwtk it is a very robust solution indeed that pretty much covers all the basic issues that are important to close off in a firewalling solution.

6.4 Credits

Most of the credit, of course, goes to Jos Vos for writing ipfwadm and making it available to the public.

Also i would like to thank my associates on the Internet for all their kind words and support that has culminated in the ability to return; again to the Internet for the benefit of others. - dreamwvr@dreamwvr.com

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