5. Problems

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5.1 Are there known compiling problems with ipfwadm?

Yes there is the possibility that you will need to add a small line. Check ipfwadm.c and add '#include prior to linux/ip_fw.h'

5.2 Does glibc2 cause problems?

ipfwadm will not compile using glibc2 but has been fixed in *.RPMS and AFAIK there are stable. The binaries supplied on the redhat cd are just fine.

5.3 Are there any problems with transparent proxy?

Yes use a kernel of the 2.0.x series of a version of at least 2.0.31 with these problems occuring apparently when one attempts to redirect destination ports using ipfwadm to change the destination port number. But this will occur only if you are using the advanced features.

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