3. Obtaining and installing ipfwadm

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3.1 What is the latest version of ipfwadm?

The latest officially released version is is 2.3.0-1 at the time of this writing.

ipfwadm or variant currently runs on Linux or on FreeBSD as ipfw. It has probably also been ported to other Unix systems as the source is freely available. If so please contact the author of this faq so that others may benefit from this knowledge. It is available at the originators website in either a *.tar.gz or *.rpm format so choose your flavour.

3.2 May I legally run ipfwadm?

The Linux version of ipfwadm 2.3.0-1 may be used and distributed freely under GPL but for details of any issues related please consult the authors of the utility at http://www.xos.nl/linux/ipfwadm/ who should be considered more definative than this faq if any conflict arises.

3.3 What about commercial use of ipfwadm?

ipfwadm is freely distributed under GNU General Public License so please give credit where due to jos@xos.nl, and almost certainly will remain to be so in future. Read 'COPYING' for a copy of GNU GPL.

3.4 Where can I obtain ipfwadm?

The central site for distributing ipfwadm is ftp://ftp.xos.nl/pub/linux/ipfwadm/ .

Some mirrors may be available please email the author of this document should you become aware of it to append to this list. :'))

3.5 How do I install it?

Get the file from a site near you, then unpack it with

gzip -c -d ipfwadm_2_3_0_tar.gz | tar xvf -
or if you are using the .rpm then do a:
#rpm -ivh ipfwadm-whatever-rpm-number.rpm
then change into the directory ipfwadm-whatever# if building from *.tar.gz, read the file README, and follow the directions in it.

3.6 Does it make sense to install ipfwadm as root under UNIX?

You should install and run a ipfwadm binary as owned by root, with a group of root. Specifically chmod it to 755.

3.7 Where do I get help?

First of all, read the README included which should answer any questions you have regarding the building and compiling of ipfwadm. Then read the mans included which are named:ipfwadm as well as:ipfw
Then and only then either contact the author of this document (which is probably not the best idea due to this author receiving 300 - 500 emails daily) or you might try either Usenet, fwtk.org, or the author of the program. It is suggested that if you request assistance please have details of the specific problem. Note exhaust as many possibilities as possible before asking for help and consult the search engines/archives to see if the answer is blowing in the cyberwind:'))

If these resources don't help, you can post to the Usenet newsgroup comp.security.linux or send mail to the appropriate mailing list for ipfwadm users.

3.8 Are there any versions for other operating systems than Linux?

AFAIK other than Linux the only other confirmed version that ipfwadm has been ported to is FreeBSD although as ipfw.

3.9 What about accounting of ipfwadm?

All firewall components can be monitored either in real time and/or via recording to wherever you decide to place logs. This means that you can account for literally all packets of tcp, udp, or icmp variety at will. A example of two will be provided in this document.

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