1. IPFWADM Meta-questions

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1.1 Where do I get this document?

The latest version of this document is available from http://www.dreamwvr.com/ipfwadm/ipfwadm-faq.html . It can also be posted, on a regular basis, to the Usenet newsgroups comp.security.misc, comp.security.unix, sci.crypt, comp.answers, sci.answers and news.answers. This version can be, and will be available from http://www.fwtk.org/ipfwadm/faq/ and from http://www.dreamwvr.com/ipfwadm-faq/ipfwadm-faq.faq .

Also of interest is the FWTK.ORG home page, at http://www.fwtk.org/ .

1.2 Where do I send questions, corrections etc. about this document?

Please send them to the maintainer, dreamwvr@dreamwvr.com

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